WYCE Gambia Partnership Development Programme

Our Current Partnerships

The Wonder Years Day Nursery

The Wonder Years Day Nursery

The Wonder Years Day Nursery, which was established in 1994, was the whole inspiration behind the birth of Wonder Years Centre of Excellence (the WYCE Charity). It has been a major sponsor over the years and is a ‘sister’ nursery to the WYCE Gambia Nursery School in Madina Salam, The Gambia.

Re-Cycle Bike for Africa

In 2013, Keith Walker (Co-founder of WYCE) was instrumental in working with Re-Cycle, an organisation based in Colchester, in order to create a partnership between Re-Cycle and WYCE. An Agreement was put into place between both organisations and this was a very successful arrangement. So since 2013, WYCE Gambia has been receiving used bicycles from the Re-Cycle.
However, in 2019, Keith then instigated an even clearer arrangement for this partnership to become consolidated over to WYCE Gambia NGO in their own right. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Re-Cycle and WYCE Gambia NGO was agreed and signed and this partnership is growing from strength to strength.
The bikes donated by Re-Cycle serve several purposes:
They create income to run the WYCE Gambia Organisation Training opens up businesses for repairing and the selling-on of bikes The donations of bikes throughout the country have helped many youngsters to travel the long journeys they would normally have to walk to school.
WYCE Gambia NGO is now working with 10 schools across the country. Each school has signed an MOU with WYCE Gambia to ensure all parties play their part in caring for the bikes.

Recycled Office Solutions (ROC)

Recycled Office Solutions (ROS) are proud to announce a new partnership agreement with Wonder Years Centre of Excellence (WYCE), a registered NGO (A78) in The Gambia.
This agreement ensures that ROS are able to support the sustainable development of communities through WYCE NGO in the West Coast Region, together with other Regions within The Gambia, through donations of used office furniture & equipment.
These office items will help to improve the standard and quality of many settings and will benefit and enhance many working environments:
*School classrooms and offices
*Government offices
*Conference facilities within The Gambia
*Hotel meeting rooms
*Private business settings
*Internet café facilities and many more

Heal Within Yoga

Manjit and WYCE-Gambia NGO have joined together to organise Yoga Retreats with a real difference. They guarantee an experience of a life-time offering time and space away from our busy lives as we go back to basics, connecting with Mother Nature, detoxing from technology and finding our true self as we Heal from Within.
These Retreats not only benefit the actual participants, but also the communities of The Gambia. The income generated by these retreats help WYCE Gambia NGO to facilitate and finance part or whole community development projects, which are all included in their commitment to their NGO Work Programme.